ExpAct – Experience keep people active

With ExpAct, older persons can offer their experience and knowledge to organisations and companies, contribute added value in the society and stay active.

When older people retire, valuable skills and expertise are lost to society and the labor market. For those affected, the step into retirement often proves to be difficult. The ExpAct project aims to develop a software framework with which to create and operate platforms that support older people by making it easy for them to offer first-hand professional and life experience, while participating in social and professional activities. This experience can be of great benefit to profit or non-profit organizations, associations, and private individuals. To facilitate successful matches and bring together those who offer experience with those who demand it, innovative matching algorithms and a sensitive taxonomy are being developed, enabling different kinds of experience to be entered and retrieved. To understand the needs of providers and beneficiaries of experience with regard to the system, users are integrated along the whole development process. This ensures a solution that is needs-based as well as oriented to its target-group and market.

More about ExpAct

The aim of the project is to develop a software framework that allows easy creation and operation of web-based platforms to support the preservation and transfer of older people’s experience for the benefit of future generations. ExpAct provides online and offline services to enable older people to stay in work or re-enter the workforce. Their skills and expertise are too valuable to be left untapped. By sharing their experience and knowledge, they make a valuable long-term contribution and stay engaged in society, which enhances their quality of life.

Expected results and impact:
A software framework is being developed which allows older people to share their experience with those who may benefit from it. Various pilot applications in different countries will be tested. By providing retired people with the opportunity of engaging or re-engaging in professional and social interaction, their self-esteem will be strengthened. ExpAct offers new challenges and activities and thereby supports and promotes active and healthy ageing. Society in general and the labor market in particular will benefit from having access to a wealth of experience.