2PCS – Personal Protection and Caring System

2PCS is a life-phase oriented set of services which can be accessed through an innovative, watch-like device. The offered services take into account the individual interests and living circumstances.The goal is to combine a unique technology orchestration with innovative services tailored to individuals.

The Project

In the course of the international AAL JP Project „2PCS – Personal Protection and Caring System“ (project duration: 1st of July 2011 – 31st of December 2013) an universal and mobile service and alerting system with various localization and communication functions was developed. It targets to different phases of life and can be used in various care structures. During the project, the system was tested in 3 pilot studies in Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Core aim of 2PCS is the increasing of mobility, improvement of access to Service and Communication an the support of subjective and objevtive feeling of safety.

The company

In 2016, with the support of “CAST Gründerzentrum GmbH”, the 2PCS Solutions GmbH was founded in Innsbruck. Next to the University of Innsbruck, the European Academy of Bolzano, the RF Embedded GmbH and individuals from the 2PCS Project team are shareholders of the company. Together they developed the next steps for the market entry.

More about 2PCS


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