HyCaT – Hybrid Care Technologies

HyCaT combines innovative and existing IC-technologies and compliance processes to offer security and safety to inhabitants of care-institutions and to promote their individual mobility.

Starting point

Care institutions for elderly have social and legal duties to offer adequate services to their clients. They should protect them and at the same time give them a possibly big room of action. HyCaT combine innovative and existing IC technologies and compliance processes, to offer security and safety to the inhabitants and to support their individual mobility.


  • Development of a hybrid care management system in national environment
  • Use in institutions of formal care
  • Access to fast, adequate help in critical situations (stress and emergency situations)
    • No limitation of the freedom of movement
    • No intrusion into privacy and no personal limitation
  • Strong integration of the solution into structures, processes and needs of institutions of formal care.
    • High degree of standardisation
    • Easy and fast implementation for organisations
    • reducing of implementation, administration, search and follow-up costs
    • Optimal complementary product to existing solutions via interface integration