SECONET – Senior Competence Network

SECONET is an interactive and barrer-free platform, which establishes a coneection between elderly persons and economy.  Elderly persons benefit from an active participation in social and economic life. Companies receive access to former professionals and their know-how, competencies, experience and network with help of the SECONET platform.

FTI-Initiative: benefit
Project focus: ICT supported, active and healthy ageing with focus on “social inclusion”

To support elderly persons in finding an activating occupation, preconditions have to be met. Currently, there are hardly studies, which deal with the needs of elderly in the context of Consulting and internet. The elaboration of this knowledge in connection with a high usability and roadmap for technological Realisation was not addressed so far and is the core component of this project. The primary goal of SECONET was the creation of a physical and virtual intersection between elderly persons and companies. Elderly persons should be enabled by this to provide their experience and competencies, the enormous knowledge and to use their personal and professional contacts after the end of their professional occupational career.

Project idea
It is the aim of the project to integrate elderly persons into the social and economical life. This should be achieved with an online platform and adequate offline activities, which encourage exchange between local businesses and elderly. The decisive success factor is the usability of the web-interface for end-users, which have to meet the needs of elderly persons as well as of companies.

SECONET platform
The main idea of the SECONET-platform can be described as the following: Entrepreneurs, independent if they are already since a long time on the market or still in the founding phase, can address technical or conceptional questions towards a pool of former professionals, decision makers and know-how carrier. These offer solution approaches, experience reports or elaborated concepts. The work effort is remunerated via a technological platform. This remuneration can be social as well as monetary.

SECONET innovations

  • The creation of virtual and physical interfaces between elderly persons and companies (clients).
  • Development of a need-oriented online platform to secure sustainable social inclusion.
  • Orientation of the web-interface on the requirements of seniors.